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Celebrity babies named OTTO:
    We found no babies of celebrities named OTTO

Celebrities with the baby name OTTO:

  • OTTO PAUL HERMANN DIELS, Nobel Prize Winner, Chemistry 1950
  • OTTO GRAHAM, Hall of Fame football player
  • OTTO HAHN, Nobel Prize Winner, Chemistry 1944
  • OTTO LOEWI, Nobel Prize Winner, Medicine 1936
  • OTTO FRITZ MEYERHOF, Nobel Prize Winner, Medicine 1922
  • OTTO STERN, Nobel Prize Winner, Physics 1943
  • OTTO WALLACH, Nobel Prize Winner, Chemistry 1910
  • OTTO HEINRICH WARBURG, Nobel Prize Winner, Medicine 1931
  • OTTO , Royalty
  • OTTO AUBELI, 2008 Olympic athlete - Hungary - Wrestling
  • OTTO BLUEGE, baseball player
  • OTTO DENNING, baseball player
  • OTTO DIELS, Pioneer in organic chemistry
  • OTTO DIX, Painter
  • OTTO ECKMANN, artist (painter)
  • OTTO ENDER, former Chancellor of Austria
  • OTTO OF FREISING, Historian
  • OTTO GRIEBLING, International Clown Hall of Fame member (inducted 1989)
  • OTTO HESS, baseball player
  • OTTO HUBER, baseball player
  • OTTO I, Royalty
  • OTTO II, Royalty
  • OTTO III, Royalty
  • OTTO JACOBS, baseball player
  • OTTO KAHN, Business
  • OTTO KERNER, Politician
  • OTTO KLEMPERER, Conductor
  • OTTO KNABE, baseball player
  • OTTO KRUEGER, baseball player
  • OTTO KRUGER, Actor
  • OTTO LUDWIG, Playwright
  • OTTO MCIVOR, baseball player
  • OTTO MILLER, baseball player
  • OTTO MOORE, basketball player
  • OTTO NEU, baseball player
  • OTTO NEURATH, Sociologist
  • OTTO ORF, soccer player
  • OTTO PIENE, artist (painter)
  • OTTO PLACHT, artist (painter)
  • OTTO PREMINGER, Film Director
  • OTTO J. REICH, Diplomat
  • OTTO RETTIG, baseball player
  • OTTO ROHWEDDER, Inventor of sliced bread
  • OTTO RUFF, Pioneer in organic chemistry
  • OTTO SCHILY, Politician
  • OTTO SCHNELLBACHER, basketball player
  • OTTO SCHOMBERG, baseball player
  • OTTO SKORZENY, Military
  • OTTO STOWE, football player

Celebrities with OTTO as a middle name:

  • ERNST OTTO FISCHER, Nobel Prize Winner, Chemistry 1973
  • HEINRICH OTTO WIELAND, Nobel Prize Winner, Chemistry 1927
  • PHILLIP OTTO RUNGE, artist (painter)
  • J. OTTO SEIBOLD, Cartoonist

Celebrities with OTTO as a last name:

  • JIM OTTO, Hall of Fame football player
  • DAVE OTTO, baseball player
  • ELODIE OTTO, actress
  • HENNIE OTTO, golfer
  • JAMES OTTO, musician
  • JOHN OTTO, musician
  • MICHAEL OTTO, football player
  • MIKE OTTO, football player
  • MIRANDA OTTO, actress
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