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Celebrity babies named MAX:
  • MAX, child of AMY IRVING
  • MAX, child of CARL BERNSTEIN
  • MAX, child of CYNTHIA NIXON
  • MAX, child of HENRY WINKLER
  • MAX, child of JENNIFER LOPEZ
  • MAX, child of JOAN LUNDEN
  • MAX, child of JOHN C. MCGINLEY
  • MAX, child of JOHN LANDIS
  • MAX, child of JON FAVREAU
  • MAX, child of KARA KENNEDY
  • MAX, child of KENNY G
  • MAX, child of KIM ZIMMER
  • MAX, child of MARC ANTHONY
  • MAX, child of MARC COHN
  • MAX, child of MARK MCGWIRE
  • MAX, child of NORA EPHRON

Celebrities with the baby name MAX:

  • MAX BENTLEY, Hockey Hall of Famer
  • MAX BORN, Nobel Prize Winner, Physics 1954
  • MAX CAREY, Hall of Fame baseball player
  • MAX DELBRüCK, Nobel Prize Winner, Medicine 1969
  • MAX VON LAUE, Nobel Prize Winner, Physics 1914
  • MAX FERDINAND PERUTZ, Nobel Prize Winner, Chemistry 1962
  • MAX PLANCK, Nobel Prize Winner, Physics 1918
  • MAX THEILER, Nobel Prize Winner, Medicine 1951
  • MAX ALVIS, baseball player
  • MAX ANDERSON, football player
  • MAX APPLE, Author
  • MAX BAER JR., Actor
  • MAX BAUCUS, Politician
  • MAX BECKMANN, artist (painter)
  • MAX BEERBOHM, Critic
  • MAX BEESLEY, Actor
  • MAX BERGMANN, Pioneer in organic chemistry
  • MAX BISHOP, baseball player
  • MAX BOYDSTON, football player
  • MAX BROD, Novelist
  • MAX BRUCH, Composer
  • MAX BURNS, Politician
  • MAX BUTCHER, baseball player
  • MAX CANNON, Cartoonist
  • MAX CAVALERA, Musician
  • MAX CHOBOIAN, football player
  • MAX CLELAND, Politician
  • MAX EASTMAN, Author
  • MAX ERNST, Painter
  • MAX M. FISHER, Business
  • MAX FISKE, baseball player
  • MAX FLACK, baseball player
  • MAX FRISCH, Novelist
  • MAX GAIL, Actor
  • MAX GELDRAY, Jazz Musician
  • MAX HOFF, 2008 Olympic athlete - Germany - Canoe/Kayak Flatwater
  • MAX HUSSAREK VON HEINLEIN, former Minister-President of Austria
  • MAX JABEN, 2008 Olympic athlete - Israel - Swimming
  • MAX JACOB, Poet
  • MAX JEAN-GILLES, football player
  • MAX KAMPELMAN, Diplomat
  • MAX KASCH, actor
  • MAX LANIER, baseball player
  • MAX LEON, baseball player
  • MAX LERNER, Sociologist
  • MAX LEVCHIN, Business
  • MAX LIEBERMANN, artist (painter)
  • MAX LINDER, Actor
  • MAX MACON, baseball player
  • MAX MARSHALL, baseball player

Celebrities with MAX as a last name:

  • JOSEF MAX, artist (painter)
  • PETER MAX, Artist
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