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Celebrity babies named MARC:
  • MARC, child of TONY DANZA

Celebrities with the baby name MARC:

  • MARC ANTHONY, musician
  • MARC BLUCAS, actor
  • MARC ALLéGRET, Film Director
  • MARC ALMOND, musician
  • MARC ANDREESSEN, Computer Programmer
  • MARC BERGEVIN, professional hockey player
  • MARC BLANK, Computer Programmer
  • MARC BOBLET, 2008 Olympic athlete - France - Equestrian
  • MARC BOERIGTER, football player
  • MARC BOLAN, Musician
  • MARC J. BOLLAND, Business
  • MARC BULGER, football player
  • MARC BURCH, soccer player
  • MARC BURNS, 2008 Olympic athlete - Trinidad&Tobago - Athletics
  • MARC CHAGALL, Artist
  • MARC CHOUINARD, professional hockey player
  • MARC COHN, Singer/Songwriter
  • MARC COLOMBO, football player
  • MARC DENIS, professional hockey player
  • MARC DILE, football player
  • MARC DUNN, football player
  • MARC DUTROUX, Criminal
  • MARC EDWARDS, football player
  • MARC ESSINK, actor
  • MARC FILLEY, baseball player
  • MARC FORNELL, tennis player
  • MARC GARNEAU, Astronaut - first Canadian in space
  • MARC GASOL, basketball player
  • MARC GICQUEL, tennis player
  • MARC GOODMAN, Computer Programmer
  • MARC GROSSMAN, Diplomat
  • MARC HALL, baseball player
  • MARC HILL, baseball player
  • MARC HOUTZAGER, 2008 Olympic athlete - Netherlands - Equestrian
  • MARC IAVARONI, basketball player
  • MARC JACKSON, basketball player
  • MARC JACOBS, Fashion Designer
  • MARC KENNEDY, 2010 Winter Olympian - Curling
  • MARC KLAAS, Activist
  • MARC KROON, baseball player
  • MARC KUDISCH, actor
  • MARC LAMOTHE, professional hockey player
  • MARC LOGAN, football player
  • MARC LOPEZ, tennis player
  • MARC MAGRO, football player
  • MARC MARON, Comic
  • MARC MBOUA, 2008 Olympic athlete - Cameroon - Football
  • MARC METHOT, hockey player

Celebrities with MARC as a middle name:

  • Y. MARC BELTON, Business

Celebrities with MARC as a last name:

  • FRANZ MARC, artist (painter)
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