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Celebrity babies named JESUS:
    We found no babies of celebrities named JESUS

Celebrities with the baby name JESUS:

  • JESUS CHRIST, religious icon
  • JESUS ALOU, baseball player
  • JESUS COLOME, baseball player
  • JESUS DE LA ROSA, baseball player
  • JESUS DELGADO, baseball player
  • JESUS ESPANA, 2008 Olympic athlete - Spain - Athletics
  • JESUS FIGUEROA, baseball player
  • JESUS FLORES, baseball player
  • JESUS FRANCO, Film Director
  • JESUS ANGEL GARCIA, 2008 Olympic athlete - Spain - Athletics
  • JESUS HERNAIZ, baseball player
  • JESúS MARI LAZKANO, artist (painter)
  • JESUS PELEZ MIRANDA, professional soccer player
  • JESúS NAVAS, Soccer player - 2010 World Cup, Spain
  • JESUS PENA, baseball player
  • JESUS SANCHEZ, baseball player
  • JESUS SERRANO, 2008 Olympic athlete - Spain - Shooting
  • JESUS TARTILAN, professional soccer player
  • JESUS TAVAREZ, baseball player
  • JESUS VEGA, baseball player

Celebrities with JESUS as a middle name:

  • JACKSON JESUS RODRIGUEZ ORTIZ, 2008 Olympic athlete - Venezuela - Cycling Road
  • MARIA JESUS ROSA, 2008 Olympic athlete - Spain - Hockey
  • JONNY JESUS SANCHEZ MIQUILENA, 2008 Olympic athlete - Venezuela - Boxing

Celebrities with JESUS as a last name:

  • NIVALTER JESUS, 2008 Olympic athlete - Brazil - Canoe/Kayak Flatwater
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